Updated: Zombie's secret

It is late now. Outside the soft Bel Air darkness has fallen, and I sit here in my grandmother's bed, in my grandmother's house in my grandmother's city. Alone with my memories.
-The duck with the broken wing me and Viktor found by the creek and got 2 keep. For five weeks feeding him cornflakes, Sprite and love until one morning his box was empty.
-Sunday shopping with dad @ the mall.
-Me overhearing mom complain 2 dad 'bout the stench from the "fucking duck carcass" in the dumpster.
-The 164 cigarettes me and Evan smoked behind the fence towards the hill (yes, I counted them)
-Me leaving Evan 4 Europe. Without a word.


Life is strange. Now I'm back, and all I can think about is the person I left without a word.


But until Evan returns I will make do with what I've got. And what I've got is a 52 year old homosexual nobleman from France called Zombie and lives in one of the half hidden guest houses in granny's back garden.

My new found friend believes Hollywood is as interesting as a Dancing Bear with a strange red hat. "Interesting 2 watch perhaps, but not someone you ask for guidance in spiritual matters."

Apart from despising Hollywood, Los Angeles and USA in general he also has this obsessive idea of "hanging out" with me.
Strangely enough he seems 2 have some sort of influence, because there's a lot of important lookin' people comin' and goin' in his small back-yard shed.

And oh yeah - he will stay until the funeral.


(It's all, I'm sure, grandmother's idea of humor. I can almost hear her laugh from wherever they keep her now.)


Finally, 2 celebrate my loneliness I've spent the evening writin' something extra 4 you diehards. It's about Evan.


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(Yeah I KNOW there's a lot of Facebook begging these days but that's the only way 4 me 2 know what u ppl want. And I'm nothing but a slave 2 ur affirmation)


  1. oh i love your blog!
    great photo's!

  2. Killer...can't wait to read what's next!

    Style Anthem.

  3. More, just give us MORE! /Zaïde

  4. I agree with anonymous... More, more, more! You and Evan seemed to have something special. Get it, girl!

  5. Anon and Aimee there will b more.
    Yes, Evan was so important once upon a time. But that is long ago know, and I don't even know if I am the same person anymore...

  6. Jules, thnx. I stile love ur name :) X

  7. I can't have Facebook because if I did then a very angry maybe crazy person would know what I look like and might berate me at cafes. BUT if I did have Facebook, I'd like every one of your posts.

  8. The facebook thing is driving me nuts... More and more so people 'like' your facebook page and just makes the rest of us feel left out.

    I'm nothing but a slave 2 ur affirmation


  9. Anon, you can see the fb page without being logged in. there's a picture of two swans in my sidebar. click it. <3

  10. Pneumonia,

    do you know the feeling you get sometimes when you walk along the beach at night
    and the sea wind's whipping your hair and thoughts all around and
    it seems as if all the universe is waiting for you to
    wade into the ocean like some tragic Greek character or
    jump straight up into the sky and leave everything behind?

    Because, for me, that is what your blog feels like. Simply beautiful...

  11. I'll be waiting for more. I love to read you.
    By the way, I love the new design =)

    Kiss, pi*

  12. Anon, that's the best comment i've ever got. <3

  13. pneumonia white, you are a mystery to me.

  14. Just returned from my vaccations in on of the Greek islands and the first thing I did was to read all your posts I missed those few days. Thank you for being such a good role model. Books are indeed much better than drugs and can travel you to far away lands. And you obviosly read a lot. ;)